Voices Around The World is an on-going music project that involves young people from around the globe in making an international song/video release each year. The project is free to enter and all proceeds from eventual song/video download sales go to help needy children in different parts of the World. Currently funds raised are going to help children in Njombe Tanzania. If you wish your school/youth organisation to participate please register below - put your youngsters on the World stage and join with the voices of others from all over the World. All those participating have access to a wealth of free downloadable choir resources. Have a look/listen to the 2016 song release below. 
Trailer for this year's song 'Lighting Up The Flame'    
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All funds from the sales of downloads of the song/video will go to help improve the life chances the children of Njombe in Tanzania.
Breaking musical world records for Rio 2016 - Although the 2016 project has now closed, the Lighting Up The Flame song resources are still available for schools and youth groups to download for free.
Please go to our special Lighting Up The Flame website page for full information and to obtain the free downloads of all the song parts for your choir. Each year Voices Around The World introduces a new song project . To be a part of the 2017 project please sign up on our website to receive all newsletters. Don't miss out...make sure you are part of an amazing international song/video recording.  This is your chance to put your youngsters on the World stage and join with the voices of others from all over the World. Participation is completely free! Be sure to register below.This will ensure you get access to all of the great free music MP3 download choir resources, music scores, project instructions and support materials. We look forward to receiving your vocal recordings by the end of May 2016.

Each year we break all records. Our 2015 release (below) contained nearly 5,000 voices from 48 countries - this year 's recording contains 7,000 voices from from 62 different countries. Make sure your students become record breakers and are full involved by signing up below! There are lots of exciting new features for the project each year.
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How does VATW work?

Watch this short video to find out about the background to the project and how it all works.

Our Charity fund-raising

Currently all profits made from sales of downloads from this site or sales of physical Voices Around The World CDs and DVDs go to help improve the education of children in Njombe, Tanzania. Click here to go to our downloads shop page where all Voices Around The World previous song/video releases are available for purchase.
Voices Around The World gets a letter from the UK Prime Minister!
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Last year's song/video release 'Listen To Us! captured the voices of nearly 5,000 young people from 48 different countries. How many voices and countries will we get to this year?
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