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This Year's Voices Around The World 2014/15 Project
‘Listen To Us!’

Apologies .......30 Sept - Currently uploading info for the project so some features may not yet be available - we will be uploading the new song and resources over the next couple of days ...exciting times!!!! Official launch for the project is next Tuesday 

Each year we invite schools and choirs of young people around the world  - at no financial cost to themselves - to be involved in making an international music recording.  We broke all records this last year with nearly 4000 voices from 42 different countries on the recording of the song Unshakeable. The 2014/15 project is set to be even bigger! 

This video tells you all about this year's project.  

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Music Resources/MP3s - Choir Parts - Backing Track - Music Score

Music instructions - advice for rehearsals

Recording advice - the easy way to record your voices


NEW THIS YEAR - The Listen To Us cross curricular teaching modules
We are especially grateful to colleagues at the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) who have written a full series of teaching modules to to go with this year's project. These resources, as with all other Voices Around The World resources are available to you to download free of charge. We are sure that many of you will have great times this academic year working on these materials.


New this year! Get your students dancing to Listen To Us and send us a short video! Watch Matt on this video for inspiration! Thanks to Matt Harding for the video.
The Voices Around The World Choir 2013/14 sing a new Howard Jones song - 'Unshakeable'. 3500+ voices from 42 different countries. If you would like to be part of the 2014/15 action make sure you sign up (above) to receive the newsletters.

NEW - We have just made the new backing track for Unshakeable available for you to download …so that your choir can perform with Howard's updated arrangement. Give it a go! Your choir will really enjoy! Click here to download the BT.

Visit to Riga, Latvia

Visit to Meopham, UK

Visit to The Gulf Indian School - Dubai

Unshakeable - Korea

Unshakeable - El Salvador

VATW Visit Al Maaref School in Dubai

Watch this to see what VATW did in 2012

Choir resources for Unshakeable

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  • Instructions for rehearsing, recording and submitting your recordings. Click here
  • MP3 page Choir Parts and Backing Track. Click here
  • New - Download the Unshakeable karaoke video Click here
  • Music - choir parts and piano scores page.  Click here
  • Unshakeable - lyrics download. Click here
  • How to record your choir/vocal group performance. Click here
  • How to submit your recording. Click here

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Download the new karaoke video of Unshakeable
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New - Click here to watch the video of Howard and Laurie at The Gulf Indian School in Dubai



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