Listen to Us! sung by the Voices Around The World Choir 2015  - both the above video and audio single versions are  now available. Click here to go to the new Voices Around The World Song shop to obtain your downloads. 

Coming - early in August - it will be possible to order physical CD copies of the Voices Around The World Choir songs. Also coming soon will be the video compilation of the school dance performances to Listen To Us! and a video compilation of Voices Around The World youngsters expressing their views about World change. 

Voices Around The World is a charity that works to link up young people World-wide through involving them each year, for free, in a project to record a song together. Funds raised by the sales of the the songs released are used to support children in needy schools in Africa. Each year, more and more schools and youth organisations join the Voices Around The World family celebrating the musical talents of young people globally as well as involving them in worthwhile fund-raising. Why not join the project by clicking here  to make sure you are part of the excitement and fun! Young people raising funds for other young people in need through music - has to be one of the best ideas on the planet! 

The next song/project will start in October 2015 with an amazing new song called 'Lighting Up The Flame!' News about this will be sent to all registered/signed up members of this website - don't miss out ...make sure you are registered!


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