Are you making the most of your participation in Voices Around The World?

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” 
― Albert Schweitzer

Are you getting the most out of Voices Around The World?

We know your students will be enjoying the Voices Around The World experience and excited about being part of this year's global song/video release in July. Their parents will be curious about what is going on. Some of your school staff will be curious about what is going on. There may be members of the local community who are wondering what you are doing. Here at VATW we sometimes notice that in the hectic rush and hurly burly of everyday school life, the idea of broadcasting to the wider community and celebrating what you are doing may not be the first thing you think about!  In one amazing and extreme example we stumbled on a while back, the only people that knew what was happening were the music teacher and a handful of students energetically practising away! By letting everyone know you will be 'Lighting Up The Flame' in more ways than one. It's great PR for the school to let people know that yourstudents are working on something that is very worthwhile and helping to change the lives of other students in difficult circumstances.
Albert Schweitzer

Many schools find that articles about the project are great for the school website and newsletters home to parents. Local newspapers and TV and radio stations often love to cover such 'good news' items as well. If you really want to go for could also organise special events featuring your fabulous choir/singing group and invite local dignitaries to come along - the press really love this kind of thing!

Congratulations to the many schools we know who are already making the most of things! Here is one local newspaper insert we were recently sent from the Middle East - you notice we stole their Albert Schweitzer quote!