'Lighting Up The Flame' of hope with the Njombe School Project

This year's song/video release 'Lighting Up The Flame' has been a great success with the Voices Around The World website having a very busy time providing downloads. Other fund-raising events, including a successful Kilimanjaro climb in September have also helped enormously.  This is great news for the children of Njombe, Tanzania. So that we can maximise fundraising, we are asking everyone who has downloaded the video to avoid uploading it to any website such as facebook. Voices Around The World is part of a small team that is steering the development of schools in Tanzania. Currently our fund -raising is directed at aiding the development of St Mary's School in Njombe. Our funding will help equip classrooms and provide sports facilities. If you haven't yet downloaded  your copy of this year's song 'Lighting Up The Flame' click here.