Release of Voices Around The World 'Lighting Up The Flame' song/video rescheduled

The release date for this year's Voices Around The World song/video has now been re-scheduled for September 14th 2016 

Thank you for helping the children 
of Njombe in Tanzania. 

Dear All 
Thank you to all of you who have fully participated in the Voices Around The World music project this year and thereby helping the children in Njombe, Tanzania get a better education. You should be very proud of your students' achievements and what they are doing to help other needy children through their singing! You should also be proud of the fact that your students are part of breaking all previous records with the number of schools participating this year having doubled! The extra volume of recordings  received has meant that extra time is needed in editing and mixing the song/video. We have therefore rescheduled the release date of the Lighting Up The Flame song/video for September 14th. 

This year's VATW song/video release will undoubtedly be the largest number of students ever involved in making a global song recording! 

Letting the 'world' know about the good work you are doing - raising funds for the Njombe children 
To help you celebrate your students' success we will soon be making available some downloadable display materials. This will help you make an amazing Voices Around The World display for your school entrance/hall to let your parents/community know about your good work and, at the same time, encourage them to download a copy of the song/video. 

How your students' participation in Voices Around The World is helping to improve the  life chances of children in Njombe, Tanzania - Click here to find out how. 

Best wishes 

Laurie and the Voices Around The World Team