☀️ ☀️ ☀️ ☀️ 'Sunshine' The new VATW song for 2017 - Studio live streaming web session

Work is currently underway with the production of the new VATW song for 2017 'Sunshine'. The song is composed, played and produced by some up and coming young musicians and we are very excited about the work they are doing to support the 2017 VATW project. We know that you and the youngsters with whom you are working will enjoy the song. The song will be launched in January 2017, and as usual, once the song is launched, all of the choir resources will be made available for you on our website. To make things even more interesting we will also be posting video clips and photos of the work in progress in the studio and there will be a live streaming event of the final recording session that you and your students will be able to watch live or as a recording. Make sure you keep reading our newsletters to keep up-to-date with news about the song launch.
Some of our musicians in action: Phil and Max, Phil, Ali, Max and Gill.