The forthcoming release of the Voices Around The World song/video Lighting Up The Flame

The release of the final mix version of this year's song Lighting Up The Flame is scheduled for early July ahead of the official lighting up of the Olympic flame in Rio on August 5th. We know you are going to love this year's song and video release.

What you and your students are doing to improve the life chances of children in Njombe Tanzania!
We are especially excited about this year's song release because funds raised by the downloads/purchase of this year's song will go to help improve the education for children at St Mary's School in Njombe, Tanzania. By singing, performing and recording this year's song your students are making an amazing contribution. Young people working together to improve the lives of children in need - this has to be the best idea on the planet!

How can we all help? This picture shows the children who are at school at St Mary's, Njombe. They are the lucky ones! Many of their friends cannot get into the school and spend most of their time roaming the streets during the day. The school has very limited resources and needs much help in setting up a proper education system, building more classrooms, getting some basic resources and helping the staff learn how to teach the children properly. Life is difficult for the children of Njombe. Most of them have no parents due to the severity of the aids virus in this part of Africa.

Help the children of Njombe:
By downloading the audio version or video version of Lighting Up The Flame when it is released in July

By persuading as many of your school parents and friends of the school to do the same

By carrying out fund-raising in your school for The Njombe Project. We already have a few schools participating in Voices Around The World who are raising funds for Njombe beyond the music work.

By making a donation or getting your school parents to donate. Anyone can make a donation - please direct them to our website charity page click here  and hit the DONATE button.

Concert/live performances of Lighting Up The Flame
If you are performing any shows and featuring a performance of Lighting Up The Flame, we are happy to waive copyright and performance licensing fees. But we would ask that you instead make a collection from those watching the show for the Njombe Project and send us the proceeds via the donate button on our website charity page.

If you need any help, support or advice about getting more involved in this fund raising please do not hesitate to contact VATW  by emailing

We will keep you up-to-date across the year through our newsletters as to the progress in Njombe and how funds are being used. Voices Around The World is planning a visit to the school there in 2017.