Here are all of the resources for the Lighting Up The Flame project. The closing date for this year's project will be 31 May 2016. You can submit your students' vocal recordings to us at any time before this date. It may not be possible to include any recordings received after May 31. We hope you all have fun learning/teaching the song. 

Step 1 - Download the instructions to guide you through teaching, performing, recording and submitting students' Lighting Up The Flame vocals. Click the file below.

The full instructions for the song/project All the information you need about teaching, performing, recording and submitting the vocals for Lighting Up The Flame 2.96 MB

2. Step 2 - Download the choir MP3 parts. Either click on the album download button or click individual track downloads. You will note there is also a 'share' option - use this to share the tracks with colleagues or students.

Step 3 - Download the lyrics, guitar chords and music scores for Lighting Up The Flame. Click on the items to download them.

Step 4 - Use these 'karaoke' style rehearsal videos to speed up your choir rehearsals

Part 1 - Main Tune
Part 2 - Harmony vocal line
Part 3 - Harmony vocal line
You can download these videos to your computer by clicking this link:  DOWNLOAD KARAOKE VIDEOS