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All the Choir Resources You Need to teach and perform Sunshine

Sunshine - The 2017 Voices Around The World Song for your choir...let's brighten up the World with some amazing singing.

For many people - 2016 was not the best year! We decided it was time to give you a song you can blast out from the rooftops and bring some happiness into people's lives.  Sunshine is an upbeat, good time song, celebrating life.

The song production team - This year we have very deliberately brought in a team of amazing young up-and-coming musicians to provide the music. They are all playing in professional top quality bands at the same time as studying music at Bath Spa University in the UK. We thought your school choir/musicians would appreciate a new song written  and recorded very much in the latest genre of pop music from young people who are on the cutting edge of new music developments.

As usual, for the project, we have provided free downloadable tracks below to help your choir members learn the song parts. Also we provide you with the music score and full instructions to help you record and submit your choir's singing.

We will be releasing the final song/video version of 'Sunshine' in June this year so we will need all of your recorded vocal tracks and video clips by the end of April at the latest!


Lyrics Sheet, Music Score, Project Instructions - click on each item to download.

vatw-full-instructions-forthe-2017-sunshineproject.docx Herewith the FULL instructions that should answer any questions you have about this year's song/project 'Sunshine.' Please make sure you read this carefully. You will find it very valuable to help make the processes of learning, recording and submitting the song very successful and enjoyable for you and your students. There are some amazing teaching tips that have been provided by us and music teachers far and wide with whom we work! Please have loads of fun with this project 5.72 MB
Full Music Score for Sunshine The full score for all choir parts and piano accompaniment 1.08 MB