A Staff Choir - Involving your whole school staff in Voices Around The World - Staff INSET?

Voices Around The World is a project that everyone in your school and all those associated with your school can be a part of. Participation is a chance to celebrate not just the achievement of your singers but the efforts of everyone involved. There is currently an idea circulating many top schools across the world  to involve staff in a school in something where they can all work together. One of these areas is music. We know that nearly everybody has an interest in music and sometimes a talent they are hiding away! There has been much incredible success in some schools in putting together a staff choir open to all - from the cleaning staff and ground-workers through to the senior management team. The spin offs from this are often quite surprising forging bonds between people in an unexpected way. Often some people who are initially reluctant participants find themselves taking on a whole new view of their school working life. In some cases such initiatives can turn out to be quite transformative for staff, helping to embed a very positive working atmosphere. If you get people pulling together on one initiative - it is likely they will want to adopt the same attitude with other initiatives. The ultimate vision here is a staff choir learning 'Lighting Up The Flame' and joining your students in a whole school performance - wow that would be something to inspire! We would love to hear any news about this, photos and video clips.