Register to be part of our current project -Ā With This Hope In My Heart, by pop legend Howard Jones.Ā Get access to all of the free music resources you need: song backing track, lyrics, guide vocal MP3 download, and a karaoke style song learning video to accelerate the song learning process! Firstly, just register and then go to our downloads page to get all of the resources you need AND, to get the fun started!

Each year for the past ten years we have produced a song for schools, youth organisations and individual young people all around the world to learn. Once learned,Ā the vocal recordingsĀ along with photos and video clips are sent to us via this website. These are mixed together to make a final version of theĀ song/video which is then released world-wide. Our song/video recordings include the vocals of thousands of students in schools and youth organisations, currently with 65Ā countries around the world.Ā 

All resources for learning/teaching this year'sĀ song are available free of charge. So if you want to make your students into world record-breaking, international recording superstars - register now.Ā 

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Voices Around The World is a not for profit organisation. If you would like to support the work that we do in working with young people around the world please click the donate button below. Any profits we make from music or video downloads go towards helping children in need around the world - see the work done in recent times to help HIV orphaned children in Tanzania.

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