How to upload audio, video and picture files - Individual vocal recordings - VATW as an independent project for students.

All recorded - what's the best way to send us your audio, video and picture files
The VATW Lighting Up The Flame instructions will give you full instructions about sending us your files and specifically how you can use the free Dropbox system to send us your vocal recordings, video clips and pictures. We always ask that you don't send these by email as it would clog up our email systems forever! Using Dropbox is actually very, very simple. However, this year we have made things even easier! You are of course still welcome to send us your recordings by Dropbox. However, we have also introduced an upload page onto our website. So all you need to do is go to  our new file upload page and follow the simple instructions for uploading files. We will always send you an acknowledgement to say we have received your files.

Have a look at what other VATW schools are doing - Photos from the recording action in Bahrain, Uganda, India, China, Brunei and Dubai
It's all happening on the Voices Around The World Facebook page

Individual vocal recordings - giving your students the chance!
Sometimes it is simply impossible in the busy whirl of day-to-day activities for schools to take part fully in VATW. Having worked in many schools over the years, we understand this! However, occasionally, we come across youngsters who are especially passionate about their music and join in our project by themselves. We are all for this. Please do not overlook this possibility. This may particularly interest older student. If you simply, haven't had the chance to organise involvement for your school this year - you could still make your students aware of the project. There is then nothing to stop them submitting a recording and video themselves. For example we have had students send in some quite good recordings made on a phone or tablet. The main thing to impress upon them if they are interested in this option, is that the recording must be only of their singing i.e. not with the backing track. This usually means using two devices - one as playback of the mp3 template listened to on earphones and one device to record the sound.

In some cases we have seen things go one step further where one or a few talented students have independently organised themselves into a group to record the vocals - all kinds of exciting possibilities here! Linked to this we have  also spoken to some schools spoken to this year where the students are expanding the project into making a video themselves à la MTV.

VATW as an independent individual/group project
This is about taking things to the next level. The possibilities are huge and link across into other subjects such as drama, IT, graphic design, art......

  • Student(s) organising their own song rehearsals
  • Organising vocal recording sessions
  • Students organising their own performances
  • Organisation of and making of a lively and interesting video to go with the vocal recordings - lip synching the video clips etc - location shoots - storyline videos
  • Making DVDs/CDs  sales for charity or for some school event/trip e.g Duke of Edinburgh award in British Schools