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VATW special moments - You must watch this!
It's the season of huge amounts of emails and incoming Dropbox files here at VATW! Thanks to all of you who have worked so hard on the project and thanks especially to your students. When we receive the music and video files, we check them and send them on through for the final mix. There are so many amazing vocal recordings and video clips that arrive featuring ALL age groups. Here is just one sample that stopped us in our tracks today! Have a look/listen - show this to your students. click here 

You watched it?....Isn't that great? She's a budding superstar from Omy Kindergarten in Khartoum, Sudan showing what our youngest VATW participants can do! At VATW we sometimes believe that expectations of what children can achieve, especially at this age group, are set too low. At this amazing school, the teachers are very clearly helping children to acquire a love for music and opening up the horizon for what they can achieve. 

*** Important Important Reminders*** You must must must read this!
1. Uploading files - The best way to send audio, video or picture files to us here at VAT is simply to go to our new File Upload Page This takes you to a very easy to use Dropbox link where you simply drag your files into the folder displayed on the screen. Easy! 
2. REMEMBER - don't shut down your computer or disconnect from the Internet before the Dropbox file transfer has been completed. If you are uploading videos especially, and do not have the fastest of Internet connections, this can take a while.
3. LABEL your files clearly. Sometimes we get files that are sent to us with NO labelling and we have to do some Sherlock Holmes work to find out who sent them. Please label files carefully e.g. Vocal_Part 2_Solo_AmazingSchool_TokyoJapan      Basically anything that  helps us  quickly identify you with the file upload makes our life easier here - thanks!

*** It's the final countdown*** Are you running out of time? 
Yes! Only nine days  to go now until the closing date, 31 May, for sending in files to us. If you need longer...just let us know. The very last, final, final, final extension deadline is June 14th - if you need this, please let us know so we are prepared to receive your files and don't miss them - thanks!