Voices Around The World first started in 2011. The idea was simple. Record the voices of some children we were working with in Otjikondo, Namibia and mix the voices together with some children's voices from the UK. It sounded great! Then someone said ..."Why only young people from two countries?"

In 2012 we produced the first song/video release of a Howard Jones song - Building Our own Future which involved the voices of nearly 3,000 young people from  30 countries. 

Since that time we have produced a song a year - Unshakeable, Listen To us, Lighting Up The Flame and Sunshine in 2017. By the time we mixed the recording of Sunshine in 2017, we had grown to nearly 7,000 voices from 64 different countries.

Access all previous songs and resources - click the links below
2012 - Building Our own Future - written by Howard Jones
2013/14 - Unshakeable - written by Howard Jones
2015 - Listen To Us! - written by Laurie Lewin
2016 - Lighting Up The Flame - written by Laurie Lewin
2017 - Sunshine - written by Max Lewin and Alejandro Invernizzi